Fractal is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing computer science education among young students and supporting underrepresented groups in computer science. We do this by writing guides for both introductory topics in computer science, targeting mostly high school level students, and more advanced topics focused on artifical intellgience, primarily targeting undergraduate students. In additon to these guides, we collaborating with public schools to incorporate computer science into the classroom by creating simple projects and lesson plans that involve programming.

In the modern age, technology is becoming increasingly integrated with every area of society and consequently, teaching our students how to use this technology is useful for every industry. By creating interactive lessons and projects that incorporate programming into the pedagogy of other subjects, we are helping to prepare the next generation of professionals.

Our Team

Fractal was founded by Michael Piseno and Jarret Lunn, two students who went through the public school system in Atlanta and saw how it could be improved. They hope to provide today's students with the educational support that their school system lacked.

Michael Piseno, Founder

Michael is a student at Georgia Tech majoring in computer science and mathematics. On campus he is involved with student government, SHPE, and is a teaching assistant. Michael has interned at several top companies and has a passion for advancing computer science education that stems from his experience growing up in underdeveloped public schools.

Jarret Lunn, Co-Founder

Jarret is a student majoring in finance at Georgia State University, where he is president of the Finance Society. He has interned in several industries, including local government, valuation, and private equity. Jarret is passionate about education, and has organized and led finance training programs for students at Georgia State and interns in private equity.